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Thank you for your interest in our products. To allow you purchasing ease, S.S. Gems has prepared a user-friendly purchase order form for you to print out, complete and fax it to us. Once this order form is printed, you can fill it out stating the product number of the product you wish to purchase. Alternatively, you prefer to buid your own jewelry, provide the customization details. Every fax to us shall be replied swiftly.

Although less convenient than online purchasing, forwarding a purchase order through fax is considered a much safer purchase procedure for both the purchaser and the supplier. The following is a list of advantages for your consideration.

1) Refrains internet hackers from stealing and abusing your credit card number.
2) All S.S. Gems' client credit card number is kept highly confidential.
3) Purchase orders are in black and white; acting as proof of purchase.
4) Provide 2 methods of payment. Either by credit card or money transfer.

5) Purchase orders avoid getting mixed up or lost in the internet.

At S.S. Gems, the payment of any purchase by international credit cards are also accepted, although some precaution measures are taken to ensure the financial security of all clients. Consequently, besides your personal details, the digits located on the back of your credit card is required to verify its ownership and authenticity.

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Each purchase of jewelry product comes with an exclusive S.S. Gems Certificate of Guarantee and jewelry case.

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