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  Fine jewelry make excellent gifts for people of all sorts, especially love ones. In fact, as time passes by, that heart warming gift would eventually become a precious treasure or even a family heirloom. Acknowledging the importance of jewelry education, Orchid Gems has provided vital information you should know before you begin shopping; it is necessary you have a full understanding of what you are buying. Enjoy. Benefit. Know Your Jewelry.  
  Know Your Diamonds and Precious Gems
Learn how to recognize excellent diamonds and gemstones, including methods to differentiate the various quality grades within your carat weight preference.
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During the purchasing of fine spledid jewelry, we are often so captivated by its awe inspiring magnificence, that we neglect to inquire as to how to care for it. Frequently overlooked by many is that jewels, like many other coslty purchases, requires and deserves special attention.
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