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  Know Your Diamonds
Learn how to recognize excellent diamonds and gemstones, including methods to differentiate the various quality grades within your carat weight preference.
Colorless and near-colorless diamonds are most highly valued and are priced accordingly. Other diamonds may have a slight tint of color, and some can even possess an extremely noticeable tint which can diminish the brilliance.

As Orchid Gems endeavors to truly help you choose the most brilliant diamond, only diamonds with the highest grades of color are offered.

Learn how to choose a diamond with no color noticeable to the unaided eye.
  The Grades of Color
A grading report contains the stone’s color grade, as determinedby comparing it to a set of Master Stones.

This is listed as a letter of the alphabet from D through Z.

D : Absolutely colorless. The clearest diamond color grade, which is very rare.

E : Extremely colorless. Trained gemologists can detect slight color. A high-quality diamond.

F : Colorless. Only trained gemologists can detect color. Lowest of colorless grades.

G-H : Near-colorless. When compared to better color grades, slight color detectable, but is a much better value.

I-J : Near-colorless. Color slightly detectable. An excellent value.

K-M : Very faint shade of yellow. Diamonds of good value.

N-Z : Not offered at Orchid Gems.
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