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Activity at Hand

Different activities hold different risks to the jewelry we wear. For example, it would be unwise to wear an emerald bracelet on the tennis court, while emerald earrings would probably not get damaged during a match.



Gemstones react differently when coming into contact with heat, sunlight, or chemicals. Enhanced emeralds by oils are less stable and might dry out and fracture when exposed to the sun. Fading occurs to amethyst, kunxite, brown topaz, and tanzanite during prolonged exposure to sunlight.

As heat affects a variety of stones, it is best recommended to remove all jewelry before using the sauna or tanning booth. While chemicals like chlorine bleach and other strong solutions will cause corrosion to pearlsm opals, shall and other organic gems, it is best to not wear these stones during cooking, doing household chores, or swimming.

Careful Storage Protects Jewelry

Storing gemstones requires detailed and careful attention, if they are to be protected. If one container or jewel box is used to contain several items, each jewel should be kept in a small plastic or cloth bag, or wrapped in felt or tissue paper. Doing so, will ensure each jewel avoids being scratched, fractured or faded.

Diamonds are so hard, they are practically invincible. One should do well to store them carefully, as they can scratch one another or other gems. If a number of diamonds are stored in one container make sure each stone will not rub against the other or metal jewelry or setting, either by wrapping
them separately or keeping them in different compartments in your jewelry case.

Soft to medium stones like jade, lapis lazuli, moonstone, and turquoise, are most safely stored separately from hard stones. Utmost care should be provided fragile stones such as pearls, cultured pearls, azurites, malachite, coral, shell and opals, padding them well and protecting them from intense light and heat. Pearls kept in a safe deposit box should include a damp sponge in a small dish to prevent them from drying out and fracturing.
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