Cleaning Methods that Preserves

Jewelry should be regularly cleaned, but caution must be taken with sophisticated equipment as they can cause significant damage to your jewelry. Avoid allowing jewels to get into contact with ultrasonic devices, steam-cleaning or commercial chemical solutions.

The best method for cleaning jewelry is a simple and inexpensive procedure that involves cleaning with a mild soap (not a detergent), warm water and a soft toothbrush or art paintbrush.

Emeralds should not be scrubed vigorously as they may crack or lose its color. Instead, carefully rinse each piece thoroughly and dry it with a soft cloth towel. Pearls and cultured pearls should be regularly cleaned with a soft, dry cloth, while neglected pearls can be washed gently with just warm water and mild soap. Refrain from using a brush when cleaning pearls as it can cause scratches.


Vital Assistance from Your Jewellery

Regular jewelery check-ups are important if they are to be preserved indefinitely. Settings can come loose over time and should be inspected by a professional jeweller. Well-sorn gems like malachite, lapis and garnet beads tend to lose their original luster and may to be enhanced.

It is very essential that while purchasing gems or jewelry, seek your jeweller about a stone's durability, recommended storage and cleaning methods. Do not forget to discuss the cut of the stones and their setting as this contributes to the overall duarbility of your jewelry. Request for information regarding what chemicals or cosmetics that might be of potential harm to your purchase.
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